woodworking, plywood, furniture


Flitch is a small family of designers and makers living in Raleigh, NC who all share the common goal of creating products that make life more efficient, more enjoyable and more purposeful. We often ask each other: “what do we want?”, “what do we need?” Although the answers vary on occasion, the response is always: “let’s make one and see if we like it.” The things we make we make carry our values into the world. They are thoughtful, honest & intentional.

At the end of the day, we design Flitch products to improve the tangible and intangible connections between people and the spaces they reside. By elevating the daily interaction between a person and product, we aim to contribute to a better living experience. In other words, we like making cool things that are fun to assemble, easy to use, serve a purpose, and add joy.